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Vishawatch is a digital platform that explores all things watches, along with whiskies and other luxuries, with a personable take.


Exploring the ever dynamic, fast-paced yet timeless, tech and innovation-infused worlds of these, Vishawatch has transcended from an online blog and social platform into a curator of branded experiences. In collaboration with allied agency White Media Marketing; Vishawatch curates events that bring together a community of engaged aficionados who share the same ardour for watches and whiskies. “Crafted In Time” is an event series that is conceptualised, hosted and executed by us, along with luxury watch and whisky brands.


Vishawatch was born of passion by Vishesh Sahni, who, a connoisseur of opulence, adds a whole dimension of desire to an object of luxury, through his prism. Apart from the world of watches whiskies and frequent globetrotting, he is the founder of White Media Marketing, a leading experiential agency that build brands and showcases their stories through unique experiences.

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