About Us

Vishawatch is a take on luxury by a team who tend not to take themselves (or luxury for that matter!) too seriously. You’ll find our perception on things that we find cool – mostly watches, a lot of whiskies and a bunch of other things along the way. Vishawatch has transcended from an online blog and social platform into a curator of branded experiences. “Crafted In Time” is an event series that is conceptualised, hosted and executed by us, along with luxury watch and whisky brands.

Vishesh Sahni

Founder of Vishawatch and White Media Marketing, Vishesh’s radar for all things luxury (just about) surpasses his radar for all things bizarre. Keenly observant but you’ll never get to know! Avid watch collector, globetrotter and holder of the title – Most Absurd Sense of Humour – conferred by the buddies at work.

Vijaya Rathore

A luxury enthusiast in the making (for over a decade) who hopes to unlock level connoisseur some day, Vijaya's penchant for watches is only matched by her obsession for writing the perfect prose! A former business journalist, who loves building ‘content and collaborations’ with like-minded souls, is busy figuring out life through a myriad of experiences with people, places, culture, theatre, music and not to mention — artificial intelligence.

Abhira Talwar

Unabashedly hipster millennial content strategist with a love for luxury, literature and learning a bunch of new skills (also loves to alliterate). When not on an Americano-fueled writing bender, Abhira can be found in her cocoon of doodles, dessert and ambiversion.

Abhie Vohra

Corporate HR manager turned digital content creator, Abhie freezes the moments through his camera lens like no one else! Generally found deep in thought or sleep, he loves to travel almost as much as he loves his work – which is reflective in his passion for clicking pictures on phone when not working on a project! He is Vishawatch’s very own video wiz and styling expert.

Ananth Kumar

Ananth ditched a cushy corporate job to co-found Frozen Pixel Studios. Favourite highs include black and white portraits, recreating magical moments through his photography and getting just that perfect shot! Navigating life through his lens, he dreams of creating feature films for the big screen one day! Meanwhile, he is busy dishing out photographic marvels. 

Thanks for being here – we want this to be a two (or multi) – way gabfest – so we look forward to hearing your unique POV too! Share your thoughts on Hello@vishawatch.com. For content and collaborations dial +91 9999863249 or write to Vijaya@vishawatch.com.

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