January 6, 2023

Redefining luxury with Glenmorangie’s Maharaja Highballs

The stage was set, IF.BE—Mumbai’s history! 144-year-old factory was turned into transdisciplinary space.

But where was the showstopper at this event?? And who exactly was the showstopper? The hints were there for all to see. The unique space decked with bright oranges and lush foliage, orange-themed mood lighting, and more.  The bright orange and its hues must’ve given away the showstopper. Yes indeed, it was the luxury single malt, Glenmorangie from the Maison of Moët Hennessy at LVMH.

1 - Redefining luxury with Glenmorangie’s Maharaja Highballs

That’s not all, the stars were set to shine—a stunning collaboration between Wondermaker Karsh Kale’s electric music and Nikunj Patel’s dazzling art. But what did this collaboration hold in store for guests at this exciting occasion that would set the tone for all upcoming events in the world of luxury single malt? You had to see it to believe it as Karsh Kale’s groovy symphonies and Nikunj Patel’s nostalgic yet effervescent artworks formed the perfect couple to enthral guests on this hard-to-forget night.

And welcome to Delicious Design Project, Glenmorangie’s ode to India’s stunning culture and vibrancy, and a step forward in unlocking unique luxury experiences for the hedonist in us. This ode to India was celebrated in the form of a beautiful art film that meshed perfectly with the ‘orange’ theme.

2 2 300x200 - Redefining luxury with Glenmorangie’s Maharaja Highballs1 - Redefining luxury with Glenmorangie’s Maharaja Highballs

That’s not all, the art film was complimented at this opulent event in the form of three art zones, each celebrating the culture and pulse of this beautiful country of ours in the form of sensory and experiential exhibits, stunning visuals, and foot-tapping rhythms.

Raas took the guests through the beauty of courtyards where magnificent celebrations and alluring music set the tone for the rest of the evening. Khuld took the guests through an immersive journey of Kashmir, where art and music intermingled to showcase gorgeous vistas from the Kashmir valley. And ultimately, this grandiose event closed with Shararat where guests were invited to a scintillating party experience against the backdrop of Mumbai’s iconic skyline.

3 2 300x200 - Redefining luxury with Glenmorangie’s Maharaja Highballs

This was one of Glenmorangie’s first forays into mesmerizing luxury experiences, and what a night it was! The theme of being inspired by India was visible right from the outset with a maze-like entrance with a tarot card reader, exciting takeaways for guests in the form of tangerine sunglasses and orange scarves, and not to mention, The Maharaja Highball—a specially crafted cocktail for the night, which ended up being one of the highlights of this luxurious and glamorous evening.

4 1 300x200 - Redefining luxury with Glenmorangie’s Maharaja Highballs

With these unique experiential exhibits, stars par excellence, the extraordinary Maharaja Highball, and the luxurious showstopper itself, Glenmorangie dazzled guests and showcased the best India has to offer through the technicolor lenses of its looking glass.