January 2, 2018

Last Year’s Mystery – Deciphering The Glenlivet Cipher

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As we step into the new year, a peak into last year’s activity is definitely a must. What gets us rewinding to 2017, was getting our hands on Glenlivet’s new launch. This time, last year the master distiller Allen Winchester from famous Speyside distillery introduced to market a whisky mystery – The Glenlivet Cipher. The single malt edition was launched as a secret with no information except the alcohol strength of 48%. It not only intrigued the tasting buds but also the curiosity of all whisky lovers and connoisseurs, including us, who waited to unravel the tasting notes, cask types, maturation and the age of the charcoal riddle. The distinguished Cipher came in limited edition and carried its own signature style being strikingly opaque. The exotic packaging gave clues of flavour and mystifying aroma.



As its said, rare things come with a special brilliance. We too got our hands on the exceedingly unique malt by Glenlivet which is limitedly sealed in 33,000 bottles only. The deep gold, amber-hinted whisky is a brew of caramel, honey, fresh green apple and pear. Strong on aromas which include that of almonds, malted cereals and cinnamon, Glenlivet Cipher is a delicious mix of sweet and fruity aromas. The whisky flavour manifests itself as long and sweet and evolves to go spicier as the earthy and wood spices take over in more sips.






The black beauty whisky, is strong on character and depth and has got us boasting ever since we got to pour ourselves some of its hidden mysteries. Its even more enjoyable given the secrecy it is served with. A thick black coat reflecting the shining whisky inside is like cheering with the Oscar of whisky.


Our final verdict on our mission of deciphering the Glenlivet Cipher is that’s thoroughly satisfying with piquant characteristics. And it’s a piece worth showing off in your bar of fame.  Maybe begin your 2018 toasting with the Cipher.


Happy New Year & Cheers.


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