May 5, 2017

Straps by MRSailcloth: Timed to perfection

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We might have limited watches but would constantly want to switch between different variety of straps to give our watch a new look. In the same exploration for straps we came across these really cool straps by Mr. Sailcloth. Other than the usual straps which include metal, leather & rubber straps, MRSailcloth came up with these unique straps made of sailcloth fabric. Satisfying our lust for experimentation, these straps are exceedingly sturdy, durable & most importantly comfortable.



While a dial has its importance, the glory of straps cannot be overlooked. The watch straps by MRSailcloth have an accurate understanding of a perfectly crafted watch band, never failing which were its many nylon straps. We couldn’t help but adore how perfectly they went with various watch brands.



While looking handsome is one of its qualities, its other features like being water, dust & sweat resilient makes the straps by MRSailcloth very friendly & versatile. Stiff in the beginning they take no time get adjusted around your wrist and are suited to be flaunted in a suit or a beach wear, basically everywhere!



These straps are available in black, with variants in the form of different stitches, which makes us say, they had their black magic spell on us. We were thrilled to have our hands on them, or we rather say have them on our hands.





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