January 8, 2018

Watch Mechanism meet Minimalism – The Greubel Forsey Nano Foudroyante EWT

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Greubel Forsey has been challenging and changing the scope of watchmaking ever since its inception. From tailoring watch mechanisms to aiming for unprecedented minimalism, the Greubel Forsey has always aimed to master the art of innovation. It has proved its vision yet again by announcing the construction of Nano Foudroyante EWT i.e use of micro scale components in watches.  The Mechanical Nano will facilitate miniaturization of space, maximization of energy and enable optimal ornamental quotient.



If watchmaking and its compilation is one of your curiosities, then just like us, you would be thoroughly overwhelmed to know its profound details. The original plan was to generate a super compressed and efficient regulating system, so much so that it would permit a 180-days power reserve. This involves a hand that rotates 360o every second to indicate the fractions of second. This foudroyante seconds hand uses only 1/1800th of the energy used in the traditional seconds hand and is 96% smaller than the usual mechanism. Now isn’t that splendid?




In modern day watchmaking, use of foudroyante is a chronograph addition and you rarely see this apart from it as it consumes a lot of energy. But the EWT (Experimental Watch Technology) is a newly found concept of the traditional jumping foudroyante seconds. This brilliant set up enables quick information from the escape wheel which distributes and directly adds rhythm to the movement. Such that, energy now is expressed via Nanojoules (nJ)


The thorough application of the theoretical and technological calculations is almost passed by the Practical EWT laboratory. In all ways the ultimate aim to establish minimalism in terms of energy and space are more or less likely to imply. While the proper implication of this horological technology is yet to be confirmed, we are still in awe of the flight of innovation intended and expressed.



While we too continue doing further digging, keep your eyes, ears and laptop screens opened so you get more updates on what’s happening in the watch world.

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