October 25, 2017

A Celebration of Legacy with Royal Salute

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If you enjoy your scotch whisky, you know that indulging in the drink can be quite an experience. It can make poignant moments ecstatic and a good night remarkable. Such was the case in the Royal Salute event dedicated to celebrate the pioneering spirit of Royal Salute 21. To commemorate its legacy we invited 21 leaders to add the spark of their personalities to Royal Salute’s legacy.




The event’s décor with all its grace echoed the essence of Royal Salute.  With the gentle sounds of the harp being played to set the mood for the evening to come, attention was paid to the smallest detail – the lighting, the table décor and the top notch guest list. Every nook and corner oozed class and perfection.

The dinner saw the likes of Amit Burman (Vice Chairman, Dabur), Arvind Uppal (Chairman, Whirlpool), Juggi Bhasin (Author), Suresh Narayanan (CEO, Nestle India) and Saurabh Kochhar (CEO, Food Panda) amongst others in attendance.

The avant-garde dinner party saw its real brilliance after taking seats and the table came alive with the anecdotal brand story of Royal Salute demonstrated via 3D projection mapping of an immersive book placed infront of each guest.  A mesmerizing visual treat, this was an unusual storytelling where the brand rode all of its guests to a journey of itself.




To make the evening more exotic, Chef Extraordinaire Gary Mehigan of Masterchef Australia created an extravagant five-course meal for the guests. The play on flavours and textures in each course complemented with the Royal Salute 21 made the entire dinner a one-of-its-kind experience.  Each course was introduced by Chef Mehigan and blended just perfectly with the sweet, sour and spicy notes of the Royal Salute 21.






The evening was toasted away to applaud its success with the very rare Royal Salute 38, a stone of destiny which hailed the glory and prestige of the phenomenal guests. This was an extraordinary exhibition by Royal Salute 21, one which brought on the table (literally) the real way scotch whisky has to be experienced, enjoyed and  more importantly acknowledged.

In our chase of exploring such brilliant treats, this has definitely made it to the top charts and got us bow down to its royalty. All hail the Royal Salute 21!



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