May 17, 2017

Let’s do the Whisky Samba!

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Ever wondered what a planet of whisky would look like? Well, you can cut the imagination and make your way to this destination, which is no less than a whisky wonderland. Whisky Samba is not just a restaurant, it’s an experience of unfiltered energy, adventure, and intoxicating romance.


The great wall of whisky


Amidst the classy black & white interiors with punches from restaurants and cultures of Barcelona, Atlanta, and Singapore which add volumes to the soul of this place, stands what we’d like to call the great wall of whisky – swelled with the most outstanding whiskies of all time.



Whisky Samba is like a 60-minute holiday, which you begin with a complimentary cocktail the ‘boarding pass.’ Not only is this a flattering gesture but a very well thought initiation of your samba journey.



The menu is an exciting overload of great whiskies & delicious gourmet. Whisky Samba is all about your comfort and holds out a diverse range of cocktails.


The Whiff of Him


High maintenance


Some spirit-forward strong-on-alcohol with herbs & marinated plums like the High Maintenance, the Whisky Samba Sour or the Old Flame, others with chocolate, rosemary or cranberry like the Whiff of Him.


Whisky Special gourmet by Chef Akshay



Capturing Chef Akshay exhibiting his culinary art we got a taste of the exotic char grill food, the Duck cherry bow, shrimps and some mouth watering food with the magic ingredient edamame. So apart from a curated collection of delectable libations and concoctions, Whisky Samba is a delight for food lovers.


While this is definitely uplifting, the USP of Whisky Samba is that it never falls short of the breadth of whisky.


Mr. Ashish Kapur flaunting his whisky collection



Name it and the much passionate owner Mr. Ashish Kapur has it in his bar, Johnnie Walker Odyssey – on the blends, Balvenie 30, Auchentoshan, Bunnahabhain 23 – on the malts, younger whisky like Ardbeg 10 and few Indian whiskies like Amrut & Paul John. His concept of presenting the bottle while serving whisky is just stunning.



Entirely invigorating, this is a space where whisky and great food is in abundance complete authenticity. You only got to walk in and start your indulgence.

Get. Set. & Do the Whisky Samba.

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