November 3, 2016


Whisky was always preferred to be consumed on-the-rocks. But now taste buds are changing and whisky cocktails are becoming a trend among both men and women.


Chivas Regal Hibiki Yamazaki Monkey Shoulder


People now have a thirst for something new and the unusual, and brands like Chivas & Monkey Shoulder are constantly trying to deliver creative concoctions for a new set of growing whisky audience.

This new modern twist on the traditional way of consuming whisky brings out the most scintillating combinations when paired with ingredients like Orange.


Whisky cocktail with orange


The use of orange in vodka, gin or tequila based cocktails is not unheard of. But, have you ever blended the zesty flavors of an orange with your favorite brand of whisky? Based on our little mixology experiment, we can guarantee that it’s a combination worth raising a toast to.

For our unique whisky cocktail we chose Monkey Shoulder, a blended malt Scotch whisky for its subtle flavor. Next we added ice, water and soaked an orange peel into the mixture. And, voila! Just like that, we got a tangy and fiery version of our favorite whisky with its original essence intact.

The citrus spark from the orange and the maltiness of the whisky combined to create a fruity and smoky concoction, ideal for scorching summers and gloomy winters alike.


Monkey shoulder cocktail with orange


A few drops of orange juice or orange garnish instead of the orange peel can add even more character to the mix. Combine these with a different blend of whisky each time and you will end up with a plethora of cocktails to boast of, all from the comfort of your home.

Once you find a good balance between your choice of whisky- Irish, Bourbon or Canadian – and the amount of orange flavor, you can be the perfect mixologist at your own soiree. For more whisky orange cocktail recipes you can explore Yummly, The Bar and other similar websites. Do ping us your favourite whisky cocktail on our Facebook or Instagram.


Whisky cocktail with orange