November 7, 2016

Grant’s Stand Fast – The Original Scotch Whisky

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Wine gets better with age. And whisky? It gets rarer and more valuable. That’s what makes old whiskies of the world such as Grant’s Stand Fast, a collector’s item.

One of the few family owned blended whiskies of the world, Grant’s Stand Fast is an exquisite blended Scotch whisky dating back to the 1900s. Created by William Grant & Sons– the manufacturer of the world’s best-selling single malt Glenfiddich– Grant’s Stand Fast has been passed on to over five generations of the Grant family.


Scotch Whisky


Wondering where it gets its unique name from? It’s from the motto of Clan Grant to which William Grant belonged, which calls upon its members to ‘Stand Fast’ in the face of an attack. And that holds true for the loyalty of this brand’s patrons as well; it is currently among the largest selling Scotch whisky brands in the world.


Scotch Whisky


Rare whiskies such as Grant’s Stand Fast can be both, an elegant gift as well as a valuable addition to one’s collection of timeless spirits. Its legacy is one that has stood the test of time and good whiskies such as these never go out of style.


Scotch Whisky


While it may be impossible to relive history, it is said that history often repeats itself. And that is precisely what happened on June 11, 2012 when the original recipe of Grant’s whisky was recreated from family records exactly one hundred years later.  Just like in the old days, the whisky was filtered using egg whites and bottled into 100 exclusive bottles which were never put up for sale.

But that shouldn’t stop us whisky lovers from getting a taste of this vintage beauty. Even though the original blend is out of reach, we managed to get our hands on this exclusive beauty. This rare moonshine was totally worth a grab. It’s exquisite taste takes you back to the roots of Grant’s whisky line. This timeless spirit is one of the most basic and interesting blend we’ve come across.


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