May 6, 2020

2020 : The Year of Luminor For Panerai

70 shades of light : The celebration of the icon

pam01117 panerai luminor marina 3 - 2020 : The Year of Luminor For Panerai

In unprecedented times like these when hope and positivity are crucial tools for humans to emerge stronger, the world of watchmaking is witnessing an infusion of some fresh ideas and approaches in order to keep ticking. When the mortals grapple with the worries of future, there have been some interesting announcements and unveilings by several brands recently, first time ever on a whole new digital platform – Watches and Wonders.

In this blog, let’s take a closer look at how one of the leading brands, Panerai, managed to create a buzz with its new timepieces and an unprecedented warranty offering on some of its models, which will last even after the original owners have moved on from this world (in most cases, I guess!).

2020 is all about the Luminor range for Panerai and the brand has taken proactive measures to make the range more appealing to the Paneristi community and beyond. New innovations in terms of material, extra luminous watches, timepieces that come bundled with mind blowing adventure experiences and never heard before 70 years warranty (on ten models), are Panerai’s way of celebrating seven decades of the Luminor range.

Luminor is the best selling watch for the brand and since its inception in 1950 it has been synonymous with Panerai and vice versa. The luminescence of the dial, the 12-3-6-9 numerals and indexes on the dial, and the very distinct shape of the case with the crown safety lock and bridge have all contributed to the Luminor becoming an icon for Panerai and in the world of watchmaking.

pam01119 panerai luminor marina 5 - 2020 : The Year of Luminor For Panerai

“Luminor is our best-selling watch, and specifically PAM01312 which continues to lead sales in India and around the world. It is for that reason that in 2020, for the 70th anniversary of the Luminor, all of our innovations focus on the shape and form of that specific watch,” said a Panerai spokesperson. The Luminor has been an icon after 70 years of existence, and will remain alive for at least another 70 years, he added.

This year Panerai seems to have hit several notes in one go. For adventure junkies, there is a priceless North Pole expedition in store with legendary explorer Mike Horn. For those fascinated by sailing, there is a watch in partnership with Luna Rossa. The ones who appreciate innovative materials in watchmaking will be in for a treat with Fibretech and Goldtech offerings. And not to forget, all this comes with an extra dose of luminosity in the new models.

“Customers are greatly appreciating the bold and unique statement that these watches present, and the first responses are a testament of that with confirmed pre-bookings flowing in for those pieces, namely from India, where the brand is already extremely and increasingly strong,” according to the spokesperson.

Let’s have a look at the highlights of this year.

*Goldtech Material : Panerai’s first Luminor Marina with a 44mm Goldtech™ case. Engineered using a special alloy with an unusually high percentage of copper, this icon in the making is recognised for its exquisite color, resistance to oxidation, and overall resilience to the elements.

pam01112 panerai luminor marina goldtech 2 - 2020 : The Year of Luminor For Panerai

*Fibratech™ Material : It is 70% lighter than steel, 55% lighter than titanium, and even 5% lighter than Carbotech™. Composed of fully recyclable mineral fibres from molten volcanic rock and mineral additives, Fibretatech has been used in aeronautics, an arena that prizes impact resilience.

pam01663 panerai luminor marina fibratech 1 - 2020 : The Year of Luminor For Panerai

*Luna Rossa GMT : A 44mm watch that strikes a balance of lightness and strength, this titanium-cased special edition model is the choice of the Luna Rossa Sailing Team, of which Panerai is the official sponsor.

pam01036 panerai luminor luna rossa 2 - 2020 : The Year of Luminor For Panerai
pam01036 panerai luminor luna rossa 1 - 2020 : The Year of Luminor For Panerai
*Eco-Experience: Limited to just five watches, the Submersible EcoPangaea™ Tourbillon GMT – 50mm Mike Horn edition offers buyers the unique opportunity to experience a once-in-a-lifetime, adrenaline-fueled Arctic expedition under the supervision of legendary explorer and brand ambassador Mike Horn. 

*70 Years Warranty : A beacon in the darkness, the new Luminor Marina marks the 70th anniversary of the introduction of Luminor, the radiant substance now synonymous with one of Panerai’s most iconic watch families. In honor of this milestone, Panerai ensures the legibility and performance of this model for 70 years.

pam01119 panerai luminor marina 3 - 2020 : The Year of Luminor For Panerai

Well, all this and more surely comes at a price. Only time shall tell how watch connoisseurs will react to these initiatives in the current situation. For Panerai, which enjoys a reputation for creating watches which are a blend of Italian design, Swiss technology and passion for the sea, 2020 seems like the year of high tide, especially for Luminor!

Words : Vijaya Rathore