March 22, 2017

Breguet Traditional 7057: Straight from the Classic Collection

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We know the amount of excitement it brings while talking about watches. This week, we take you to a horizon where the horology speaks about itself in the finest way possible. Our mutual love for luxury watches magnifies as we get our hands on the beautiful Breguet Traditional 7057.



This watch comes from the collection of The Traditional Range, which was born in 2005 with an entirely different and new design. It was the first timepiece to showcase the mechanism of the movement on top of the baseplate – something that was a proper breakthrough considering the very classical collection of watches by Breguet at that time.



As we talk about the Breguet Traditional 7057, its simplicity is the first thing that comes to our attention instantly. It is a watch that exposes its entrails and all its technical elements with elegance and refinement. The 40mm case offers a strong presence on the wrist and gives a more airy view on the movement.



Being available in four editions: white gold with silver dial and movement, rose gold with rose gold movement, white gold with anthracite movement and black dial, rose gold with anthracite movement and black dial, it continues to maintain its subtle and simple look. It’s not the most understated Breguet around but it feels like being a connoisseur watch and not a show-off timepiece.



Except for all the amazingly attractive features, what surprises us most is how this antique shape can look modern. It feels both technical and contemporary without being ostentatious. This piece of art is basically inspired by their early pocket watches with all the elements, straight and architectural, showing how inventive A.L. Breguet was, hence, being a perfect tribute to his work.





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