February 5, 2020

Talking watches with Diljeet Titus

By Vijaya@vishawatch.com In Art, Breguet, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Watches


Interview with Watch Collector Diljeet Titus : A collector’s take on how to pick a great watch; personal anecdotes; his most treasured watches and more…From team Vishawatch, Vijaya Rathore⁩’s conversation with advocate and avid watch enthusiast Diljeet Titus is everything that a watch fanatic relates to; and a watch newbie wants to know of!

In a freewheeling chat, Titus shared his love for all things antique, including vintage watches and clocks. Watch the full video (above) to get a sneak peek into his collection of some very interesting timepieces.

Each watch in the collection has its own history and legacy; craft and detailing and each individually memorable to the wearer. Truly, few material possessions can feel this intimate and special.

Nothing quite defines the phrase “the thrill of the chase” like seeking, antiquing and finally – painstakingly owning!

Have you noticed this signature tell of Breguet watches? The brand’s famous watches are instantly recognisable through their exquisite dials – each dial features a beautiful pattern: pavé de Paris cobbling, sunburst, barleycorn, waves, cross-weave, checkerboard, flame to name a few! These are engraved with utmost precision by Breguet craftsmen, following which they are silver coated using techniques developed over two centuries ago!

Voyaging through time with this ever green, ever – enchanting Ulysse Nardin official timepiece.

“Breguet Hands” have come to be an intriguing part of watchmaking vocabulary. Functionally on point and aesthetically pleasing, the watch hands, made of blue-hued steel resemble a crescent moon.

This Cartier marvel, a nonchalant member of the Titus collection, seems assured of its own effortless charm!

The best watches are not always the fanciest, most expensive and luxurious ones – the best ones often tell the most intriguing stories! Case in point : the little anecdote of Titus’s (purely coincidental!) Titus watch. In the interview, he told us how his first watch, a Titus watch gifted to him by his mother, was lost in a playground fight in school. Years later, in another twist of fate, his wife gifted him this Titus watch (below), which she found on a school playground.

Something different in the Vishawatch space! While talking watches with this avid collector, we spotted his breathtaking art collection and couldn’t take eyes off these particularly detailed pieces. Because of his love for cars, particularly vintage, Titus has a special place in his heart and the collection for automotive art.


Words: Abhira Talwar

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