November 21, 2017

For all that’s worth, this timepiece is priceless: Rolex Daytona makes it big at the Auction

The ‘Paul Newman’s’ Rolex Reference 6239, a classic vintage and first model of the ‘Daytona’ series has created a historic presence by being hammered at Phillips auction at a whooping $17,752,500. Its made a legendary benchmark by being the most expensive wristwatch in existence. This world record has got our world revolving in a frenzy.


The exotic record breaker has travelled through time, manufactured from 1964 through 1976 and was the first chronograph with the tachometer scale engraved in bezel. It might come as a surprise to you, but when Daytona first hit the market in 1960s no one wanted it.. As compared to other watches which were launched that time, like the Bao Dai – with gold plates and bracelets, diamond dial and complicated movement or the steel Patek Philippe 1518, Daytona was passed as ‘ugly and undesirable’ that time. However, the same watch became the most sought after one today.


Phillips Auction


Though many Paul Newman’s have been auctioned before, none were owned by the him. The premium value to this particular piece comes from the fact that not only was this owned by Newman, but it also has a personal inscription on the back from his wife Joanne Woodward which reads ‘Drive Carefully Me’.


We are enthralled and still drooling over the legacy that Paul Newman Rolex Daytona ref 6239 has created and made us wholeheartedly agree to the saying ‘Time is precious’!


Phillips Auction