March 24, 2017

MB&F HM7 Aquapod: The Jellyfish

MB&F is an independent watchmaker, which arrived in the market with its Horological Machines in 2007. The brand is primarily known and loved for its futuristic designs by the niche sector. It has created eight watches in the last ten years, which are all crafted unconventionally. MB&F actually skipped over the HM7 a few months ago when it released the HM8. Talking about its strange design, we find HM7 Aquapod quite different, which is inspired by a Jellyfish. There simply isn’t one straight edge to it – even the lugs are dramatically arched and articulated.


HM7 TiBlue Front Lres 770x1024 - MB&F HM7 Aquapod: The Jellyfish


This full wrist covering and bulky watch is a true watch enthusiast’s dream. It is big. Really very big. It is the largest in the collection of large machines, which sits very high on the wrist, as well, being 21.3mm, making it appear different from different angles. The watch measures a whopping 53.8mm across, which makes it round!

From the top, the HM7 is recognizable as a dive watch, despite the central tourbillon and massive sapphire dome. And from the side, the HM7 really does look like a tiny submersible. This three-dimensional creation has a double-domed case with the bezel. It ends up looking almost like Saturn rings.


HM7 TiBlue Face Lres 791x1024 - MB&F HM7 Aquapod: The Jellyfish


HM7 RG Profile Lres 775x1024 - MB&F HM7 Aquapod: The Jellyfish


The MB&F HM7 guarantees 72 hours of power reserve and is limited to two models only. Both models come on a high-grade rubber strap with a folding buckle that matches the case. It has announced that 33 pieces will be delivered in grade 5 titanium and 66 pieces will be made in 18l red gold. The lesser availability of this beauty has made it incredibly desired by its admirers.


HM7 Mouv Profile Lres 1249x1024 - MB&F HM7 Aquapod: The Jellyfish