October 31, 2018

A Whisky Lover’s Haven

Like beauty, the value of an artifact lies in the minds of the discerning consumer. Diamonds may be somebody’s best friend. Super-cars may boost the Goliath-sized egos of a few. A yacht may be the swan-song of a life spent in doing grunt work inside cubicles. But the taste for whisky is acquired and often takes years to merely develop.
It is the nirvana that the restless soul can attain every evening. Like the fountain of youth, good whisky is hard to find and even difficult to keep. Once you finally find your whisky match, thereon starts a romance like no other. The risk of that bottle, however, falling into the wrong hands is something that may keep a whisky connoisseur up at night. But it may be time to bid adieu to those worries!
1 - A Whisky Lover’s Haven
A Mumbai-based company,The Vault, is working on a blueprint to set up an intimate space that will not only host memorable experiences for its members but also offer a ‘personal vault’ to stack the best of their spirits.
The need for secure storage stretches far back in human civilization time. The earliest known locks were made by the Egyptians and then the ancient Romans used a more sophisticated locking system. The core idea remained the same: to safeguard an article of tremendous value. No longer can prying eyes steal a glance of what you consider exquisite. No longer can unworthy hands lay their coarse fingers on the curves that are sacrosanct. With a whisky vault, your possession has its own address and is reserved for you alone. This is as personal and as liquid as a connection can ever be.
Keshav Prakash, the Founder-Curator of The Vault, a craft and artisan spirits platform, has initiated a campaign to set-up a one-of-its-kind studio in Mumbai and build a community that celebrates fine spirits. The Tasting Studio – an exclusive, membership-based concierge aims to curate experiences for the well-traveled connoisseur members with boutique brands of Single Malts, Rums, Cognacs and other fine spirits handcrafted by independent producers from across the world.
The first 150 patrons who sign up will be ‘The Founding Members’ of the project. “We are inviting people to become integral to the studio, share experiences engage and stories with like-minded folks, and grow this community from its roots,” says Prakash adding, the members will own an emotional brick in the project. At a joining fee of Rs 2.5 lakh, each membership will offer a  ‘Personal Vault’ with lifetime validity and special privileges like curated experiences, knowledge sharing, attractive deals, and discounts.
“We are closing in on the first fifty members and hoping to get the first hundred on board by December,” informs Prakash. A personal vault will store up to four bottles that can be purchased at a special price from the Vault Tasting Studio. The studio will also host personalized interaction with their international ‘Liquid Chefs’; who will be flown in and can curate a drink tailor-made for the members. Tasting sessions including rare boutique brands, sourced from the remotest corners of the world will also be curated with support from master distillers and visiting brand ambassadors.