March 9, 2017

SevenFriday’s Hot Rod Revolution

SevenFriday is a young brand that has created its name in last 5 years in the world of horology. It has been able to stand out and maintain its eccentric stature. The tremendous success that it has achieved in this short span of time is the derivative of its impressive visuals and complex mechanics.


DSC 0465 1 684x1024 - SevenFriday’s Hot Rod Revolution


We have picked the wonderful P3C/01, 403rd out of 450 watches, which has gotten our enthusiasm level raising this week.


DSC 2902 3 2 1280x854 - SevenFriday’s Hot Rod Revolution


The unconventional design is the most attractive aspect of its Limited Edition Collection, which is inspired by the American Racing Era. Its square edged dial is 5-layered deep and has 22 parts. The seconds subdial is also inspired by the wire rim wheel of a Hot Rod Racing Car.

The remarkable mechanical display of complications makes it absolutely worthy of space in your collection.


DSC 0245 2 1280x854 - SevenFriday’s Hot Rod Revolution


This wrist covering watch gives you a sporty and rugged look as it is inspired by the Hot Rod Racing Cars in the times of World War. There are only 450 pieces manufactured worldwide, which makes it even more desirable. And when we talk about desirability, how can we not mention its affordability! Unlike its counterparts, you get this stylish piece on your wrist without burning a hole in your pocket. Yet another reason to be happy about!


DSC 0407 1 1 1280x854 - SevenFriday’s Hot Rod Revolution