August 11, 2016

Vacheron Constantin – A Day Spent with Art

Loud music rang clear outside the VishAWatch studio with the celebrations for a marriage taking place in full throttle. The air in our studio in stark contrast was calm and casual while in conversation with Rishab Suresh, the Country Manager at Vacheron Constantin who was walking us through a collection of the most exquisite watches by Vacheron.

Between the chaos of music streaming in through the windows of our studio, team VishAWatch shot some of the most beautifully handcrafted watches known to man.


Rishab Suresh with Vishawatch


Through the course of the shoot, we were re-introduced to the world of Vacheron Constantin. The collection we were shooting was all the more impressive because most of the watches were grand complications. For the uninitiated, a complication refers to any feature in a timepiece that goes beyond the simple display of hours and minutes. A grand complication is a watch with several complications. These are deemed the most complex achievements of fine watchmaking.

We started our conversation with Rishab asking him about the watch he was wearing and what made a Vacheron timepiece special. Here’s what he had to say





Just shooting and holding these watches wasn’t enough for us. We also wanted deep dive into the workmanship and craft that went into making each and that’s exactly what we did.

Vacheron’s Traditional Caliber 2755 gets a special mention from us because of the exquisite detailing that went into making that watch. Equipped with a minute repeater (one of the toughest things to make in a timepiece), a tourbillion, a perpetual calendar and a power indicator at the back, this watch has hundreds of small parts that come together to make it work. Cased in platinum, a watch like this takes months to make with only a few pieces of these made annually.


Grand Complication



By now, it had been clearly established just how exquisite these watches were but we just couldn’t get enough! A more in-depth conversation about what made the Vacheron grand complication watches stand out and the kind of people who would enjoy wearing such a time piece ensued.



Rishab Suresh with Vishawatch


Rishab Suresh with Vishawatch


Being able to discuss the story behind the oldest horologists of fine watches in the world was an experience to remember. The detailing we saw in each watch was exquisite and nothing short of art. It’s on days like those that the realisation was stark – how rare it was for people to get the opportunity to work on the things they loved. But for us at VishAWatch, we’re truly lucky because working on the things that we love is our reality.


Rishab Suresh with Vishawatch


Rishab Suresh with Vishawatch