September 11, 2015

What your watch says about you?

It’s not just a watch. It’s an extension of you.

There are many things that stand testimony to a person’s character. We believe that the watch they wear is definitely one of them. Ask a watch lover, and they’ll go into a lengthy story of how it’s not just a watch that tells time but tells a story as well. Meanwhile, the watch tells the story of the person whose wrist it adorns.

So what does your watch say about you? Time to find out.

1. The Classic Modern
Omega Speedmaster | Source - Chrono24

The watch you buy should carry some weight and some significance. It should tell a story and yet make a statement. You won’t wear just any watch but luckily for you, there are plenty of choices. Every brand has an iconic watch. From the Omega Speedmaster to the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, from the Rolex Daytona to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. But it’s not necessary that you pick the vintage icon. You’re modern, and you want to impress your contemporaries.

Hence, the watch you wear commands respect within the watch collecting community, and admiration from the outside. Everyone can recognize an icon, even if they can’t all say what makes it iconic!


2. The Sophisticated Reckless




The watch you wear reflects the strength of your personality. Why would you wear a watch that a non-collector might recognize? And if one does, they are in for some education on the timepiece on your wrist. You pride on your intricate knowledge of timepieces. You know the answers to questions like; why is the MB&F HMX shaped the way it is? How can you tell the time on the Urwerk UR-105M Dark Knight? How can you possibly tell the time on any of these watches? The answers empower you.

Well, all is justified when it comes to your watches. Obviously it will be, you probably have enough in the bank to not just cover the devaluation but cover the purchase two or three times over!


3. The Practical Emotional




You wish your main motivation behind purchasing a watch is it’s value but the truth is, you are just as emotional as the rest of us, and there are a number of timepieces you would happily or recklessly pay more for than what your financial advisor recommends. You wonder when you’ll see an Albino Daytona reappear at an auction or if the Day-Date has done enough to prove its bankability.

It’s all fair because you’re sure to collect some timepieces that would make up for your recklessness!


4. The Subtle Flaunter




You’ve achieved dizzying heights of success and your mantra is ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it’. You always go the extra mile in everything you do and the same applies to your passion for watches.

That is hard to get? No problem, you just ask for the limited edition with a diamond bezel. You like to be a brand’s VIP customer. You’re loyal to them. So its definitely not surprising that when Hublot’s Big Bang turned 10, you were at the top of their guestlist and the list for the commemorative watch!