January 12, 2016

Glenfiddich Mavericks Table impresses with 3D technology

Would you ever think that world’s no.1 single malt brand would host a dinner party with 3D projection? Glenfiddich did just that. They got together the game-changers under one roof, or we can say under one sky, for Asia’s first 3D projected whisky tasting at The Leela, Chankyapuri, New Delhi.

William Grant, the founder of Glenfiddich was a true maverick. In 1886 at the age of 47, he quit his safe job in an uncertain economic climate to begin a new life. With the help of his nine children he followed his dream of creating something special.

As a tribute to the brand’s dissident character, Glenfiddich celebrates all those who emulate it. The legend comes to life at the Glenfiddich Mavericks Table. It is an experience which brings together eclectic rebels who have redefined their fields by challenging conventions and questioning the norms. The mavericks share their journeys and of course, the fine food and conversations.

Last December, Rajan Anandan, VP & MD of Google South East Asia, hosted a new-age dining experience which celebrated the partnership between technology & art, at The Leela, New Delhi. Guests were greeted by a combination of physical cutlery, glasses, and plates mixed with a projected bottle of Glenfiddich. They experienced surprising scenes, of whisky making process, that stretch the imagination by using extra dimensions and sophisticated optical illusions to trick your eye into seeing motion on a static table.

Glenfddich took this dining experience to the next level when they eliminate the wait with entertainment and celebrate the spirit of being a true Maverick. Don’t forget to watch the video to virtually experience the Mavericks Table.