December 12, 2022

Where The Raging Sea Meets The Indomitable Spirit

Imagine you’re sitting by the rugged coastlines of the Isle of Skye with the smell of salt and seaweed in the air, as you overlook a vast expanse of sea and jagged rocks.

That’s a picture for the postcards is it not? But, what if there was a way to enhance that experience with something borne of that island?

If you were thinking of Talisker, you’re spot on. However, we aren’t just talking about the Talisker 10 Year Old, but something even more special.

This one’s the Talisker 25 Year Old Limited Edition. And my friends, this one’s not just any limited edition, but a rare collector’s edition, making it highly sought after in the single malt circles.

VIshawatch 8827 1 300x200 - Where The Raging Sea Meets The Indomitable Spirit
With a dram in your hand, the first thing you notice is the light amber colour reminiscent of toffee caramel, followed by the slight nose of seaweed and salt, with underlying accents of bacon.

Let the scotch breathe for a couple of minutes and you’ll know it’s matured in ex-Bourbon casks made from American and European oak for a quarter of a century.

Now inhale the stunning aroma again, and you’ll experience notes of shortbread, plum, and caramel with subtle hints of orange and campfire smoke. This rare collector’s edition single malt is complex in its own way, where the aromas are expertly interwoven to create the perfect balance.

VIshawatch 8857 300x200 - Where The Raging Sea Meets The Indomitable Spirit
Next? Next, we taste. Take a small sip, swirl it around your mouth, and savour the amber liquid on your tongue. It starts off soft and oily before you get a hit of pepper, which is a Talisker signature. Once that subsides, the elegant oak and the delicate fruity notes take over, bursting delightfully in your mouth.

As the malt coats your tongue, you begin to appreciate the intricacy behind this fantastic collector’s edition dram that is perfect on its own. When it comes to the finish, it’s rich. Not only that, the smoke is at the forefront here with background notes of chocolate and plum, which makes for a grandstand close for this stunning collector’s edition.

VIshawatch 8862 1 300x229 - Where The Raging Sea Meets The Indomitable Spirit
It’s the perfect amalgamation of volcanic smoke, earthy richness, and sweeter essence.

A spectacular dram made by the sea. A spectacular dram for you!